Monday, October 26, 2009

Steam Punk?

Steam Punk. These spectacles are model after the movement of Steam Punk. Lets see here. Steam Punk is what everything would look like if H.G Wells had been elected president.  Steam punk is a genre of fantasy, as the term denotes, pieces are styled after the era of when steam was the dominate form of energy and motion.  The practitioners of this movement have an infinity towards gears, steam engines, and old pocket watches. Steam Punkers customize anything and everything; from laptop computers to electric guitars.

These specs are fabricated; using brass, copper, nickel, and other steel whats-its and do-hickies. I imagine a mad scientist or crazed train conductor wearing these massive specs. 

I personally like this design movement for its contemporary approach to Victorian design and the dedication to craft.  Most of the works I've found online are usually well crafted and appear to be completely functionable.  If you know my work, I aspire to perfect my craft and it is important to me that an object be well designed and completely functionable for its task. 

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