Monday, October 12, 2009

my newest body of work will blow you away! hopefully only sting.

Bombs Away. 

My production line for this years Jewelry sale will be comprised of cannons.  I am interested in cannons not because of there deadly implications, but when you reduce the size and deadliness of these historic objects they become instruments for mischievous action.  The wearer of these cannon will become their own artillery team, and thus can rain down havoc on any unsuspecting belligerent from a stealthy local.  

I plan constructing to forms of cannon; a ring version and a necklace version.  The ring will come in various sizes, 6-10 I'm thinking.  The ring will have a sterling band, surrounded in a steel framework and the barrels will be made of  machined brass and cast iron.  The cannon will be mounted on a swivel for a 360 degree firing range.  The neck pieces will be more simple.  They will have larger cannon than the rings, probably about 3 in. in length.  They will be mounted on long chains.  Both variations will be fully functioning; i.e. they will fire.  They will be powered by a compression spring and a plunger system, and the ammo will be bronze casting grain. I am also including a practice target to prefect your aim.  Hopefully these will cause quit a wallop.  Maybe not the best gifts for young children or immature adults.
**manufacturer not responsible for injury, lawsuit, or any other devilish behavior; wear at own risk!!

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