Monday, December 7, 2009

Show time

Some one suggested i change my name from Patrick Charles Walter to Patrick Cannon Walter. I might.

Well all of my work for the show is completed. I feel that the work has come out better than i expected. Last night we had our pre-sale at the old Blatz brewery and it was extreme successful. My work was well received and i actually sold a few things. I didnt sell any rings however, only pendants. Hopefully ill sell more at the Sale, if we dont get snowed out again this year.

For my work this semester i wanted to create work that was interactive and fun to experience. These are more than rings, they are instruments of mischief and are intended to stimulate even the most mature mind. All pieces are full functioning, firing systems. All include a supply of ammo as well as a carrying pouch.

This series of work is by far my most accomplished to date. These piece came easily to me, I didnt do much sketching for model making for these piece, the only sketches I did are located in the margins of my lecture notes. I feel that my craft hasnt been this sharp and resolved. I am eager to continue this series and improve my craft even further. I wonder what the next variations will look like? Maybe they wont even look like cannons, cannon incognito.


  1. Wonderful! How can I buy the ring?!

  2. Wonderful! How can I buy the ring?!

  3. I'm interested in getting one of these as well